Donating to CERV...

Your tax-deductible gifts allow us to:

  • Conduct medical research that targets the crucial heath needs of veterans
  • Fund educational programs that help soldiers acclimate to civilian life after returning from combat.
CERV accepts donations online via a major credit card or debit directly from your checking or savings account. To donate online, click ‘Donate Online’. An immediate confirmation of your donation will be generated with a receipt. You can make a donation in any amount over $10 dollars and can set the donation as a one-time, weekly recurring, monthly recurring, or annually recurring gift.

“Honor the soldier, and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause.”

Abraham Lincoln, 1863

These words have never been more real, as the men and women of the Armed Forces continue to protect our home and our freedom today. CERV is dedicated to honoring these individuals by facilitating research that addresses their medical and emotional needs. Finding solutions that improve their quality of life, as well as the lives of their families.

Did you know?

Donations to CERV directly impact veterans living in Ohio, northern Kentucky and southern Indiana. CERV funds “Warrior to Soul Mate” retreats to help soldiers and their spouses strengthen their marital relationships. In 2014, nearly 6 million veterans were treated in VA facilities nationwide. (Congressional Research Service, 2014)